Texans Coach Gary Kubiak Collapses on Field During Sunday Night Football (Video)

gary kubiak collapse

The Houston Texans blew an 18-point halftime lead during their 27-24 defeat at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts on NBC’s Sunday Night Football last night, but that was far from the greatest loss they would suffer on the evening.

Rather, their greatest loss occurred during halftime, as Texans head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed on the field as he was making his way to the locker room.

Cameras in the stands and on the field caught a glimpse of Kubiak suddenly dropping to his knees in pain.  He was attended to by medical staff for several minutes before eventually being stretchered off the field and taken to a local hospital.

According to reports, Kubiak was fully alert and never lost consciousness during the incident, but was in so much pain that he could barely open his eyes.  It was confirmed at the time that he did not suffer a heart attack, and ESPN has since reported that he is being treated with “an IV medicine — tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) — designed to break up blood clots, per medical sources.”  The latest reports indicate that Kubiak is feeling good, but he will remain in the hospital as doctors continue to conduct tests in an attempt to figure out what exactly caused him to collapse.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gary Kubiak and his family, as we wish the Texans coach a speedy recovery.  Here is footage of his collapse: