Tom Brady Just Wants a High Five (GIF)

Tom Brady Almost Left Hanging

So it turns out that the painful saga of Tom Brady being left hanging by his teammates is far from over. But fortunately for fans of the Patriots/owners of human decency, Brady took the time to improve his high-five form and ended up avoiding the same humiliation as his last attempt.

That was partially thanks to LeGarrette Blount, one of Brady‘s teammates who swooped in to restore all of our faith in humanity (as I said before, even if you hate the Patriots, no one deserves this kind of humiliation, especially a second time). At this point, it seems like there might be some kind of schism developing between the Patriots roster, between high-fivers and non-high-fivers.

Experience the emotional roller coaster for yourself below. Say this for Tom Brady: he doesn’t give up, at least not when it comes to high-fives.

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