Tony Romo Cheats, Nudges Ball with Foot for First Down Between Plays (GIF)

tony romo cheater kick ball

Tony Romo is one of the more, uh, controversial quarterbacks in the NFL, so his every move on the field is going to be subject to endless scrutiny. But that didn’t stop him from pulling a brazen move during Sunday’s game, pushing the downed ball past the first down marker with his foot.

Of course, many viewers have pointed out that this was done in full view of the head referee, so it was unlikely that this was anything other than a characteristic prank by Romo, who has done stuff like this in the past. Either way, the ref replaced the spot, so no harm done.

You can check out Romo’s first-down nudge in the GIF below—what do you think, is he a cheater or a prankster? The answer probably depends on how much you tolerate Romo’s antics in the first place.


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