Corey Perry Gets Checked Into Rangers Bench Twice on the Same Shift (Video)

corey perry hit into rangers bench twice in one shift

Hockey fans are fortunate if they see one guy get checked into the opposing team’s bench during a game. It’s not something that happens every night. If they see two in a game, they’re really lucky.

With that said, the fans watching the Rangers host the Ducks at Madison Square Garden last night were beyond lucky. They didn’t see Anaheim sniper Corey Perry get checked into the Rangers bench once. They saw him get checked into the Rangers bench twice. On the same shift. By the same guy.

So who was that guy who kept putting Perry in enemy territory? That would be defenseman Ryan McDonagh. We already knew the 24-year-old was a major piece of the Rangers’ core, but last night he was really on a roll.

Take a look:

Now that’s some good hockey. Nobody got elbowed in the head or seriously injured. Just a couple of dudes playing hard.

Of course, the Ducks got the last laugh. Their two goals in the first period were all they needed, as they held on for a 2-1 victory.

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