Kentucky’s James Young Scores In His Own Basket During Highlight Reel Play (Video)

james young amazing basket

The college basketball season doesn’t even officially begin until this Friday, but it’s quite possible we’ve already seen one of the best highlights of the year.

Last night, the preseason No. 1 Kentucky Wildcats “played” the Division II Montevallo Falcons in an exhibition game at Rupp Arena. While the game itself wasn’t particularly exciting—UK barely tried and won 95-72—the home fans sounded ready for the regular season and were rewarded for their enthusiasm with one of the most unlikely things any of them had ever seen.

After Willie Cauley-Stein blocked a Montevallo shot, freshman guard James Young darted to the sideline to keep the ball in bounds…which he did. Of course, he also managed to throw the ball behind his back and into his own basket, giving the other team two points.

Nope. Not kidding.

The fans in Rupp Arena knew they’d just witnessed the most ridiculous thing they’d probably ever encounter on a basketball court, so they gave Young a standing ovation for the effort.

Take a look:

Seriously, what is going to top that this year?

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