Boston Red Sox Take Out Full-Page Ad in St. Louis Post-Dispatch Thanking Cardinals for Hospitality (Pic)

red sox pull page ad to st. louis

On Monday, the Boston Red Sox did something that probably caused a few aneurisms over at Deadspin: they took out a full-page ad in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch thanking the Cardinals and the city of St. Louis for the hospitable welcome they received during the 2013 World Series.

Deadspin, of course, had spent the better part of October tearing the Cardinals and their fans a new one. Or, really, several new ones. According to them, it’s bad for fans to think they are the best, it’s bad for fans to vocalize this belief, it’s bad for teams to tell their fans that they are the best, it’s bad for fans to take pride in this, it’s bad for teams to be really good, it’s bad for St. Louis to even exist, and it’s bad for them to not be embarrassed about the fact that they exist. Basically, St. Louis—nay, the entire Midwest—is just the worst. It’s actually kind of amazing Deadspin didn’t report the ad with a 6,000 word essay.

In any case, there’s no way the folks over in the Boston Red Sox PR department were unaware of this month-long meta-crusade against the Cardinals. And you have to think it was in their minds when they decided to take out an ad calling the Cardinals and their fans classy.

Do they really think the Cardinals and St. Louis were classier than other teams and cities? Who knows. But we all know the Red Sox know how it feels to be despised by millions, so maybe, just maybe, there was some empathy behind this. And you know it had to make the Cards fans feel a little better… Though, yes, obviously this is primarily just a move intended to make sports fans think the Sox are all about class and not about flipping cars and kicking the sh*t out of people.

In any case, take a look:

red sox full page ad thanking cardinals and st. louis

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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