Behold, the Worst Call in College Football History (GIFs)

worst call buffalo ohio safety

First, I’ll start off by allowing you to watch the play.

It comes from Tuesday’s Mid-American Conference tilt between the University at Buffalo and Ohio University, as Ohio quarterback Tyler Tettleton was faced with 3rd & 7 from his own 27-yard line.

Here’s what happened next:

You probably couldn’t tell, but Tettleton was flagged for intentional grounding on the play, as it was ruled by the officials that he was still in the pocket while throwing the ball away to avoid a relentless Buffalo pass rush.  So, judging by the evidence provided, Ohio should have been facing a 4th & 30 from their own 4-yard line, right?


Somehow the referees determined that Tettleton was in his own end zone when he released the ball, and thus, a safety was rewarded to Buffalo.

Don’t believe me?  Check it out:

Now, I completely understand that the best officials are probably working the Big Ten, Big 12, SEC and PAC-12 games, but even the MAC deserves better than this.

Hat Tip – [Guyism]

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