Love-Struck Teenage Girl Tears Ryan Lochte’s MCL and Sprains His ACL


Ryan Lochte was easily the biggest breakout star for the USA at the 2012 London Olympics. His abilities in the swimming pool won him two more gold medals to add to the two he won in 2008 and the one he earned in 2004. More importantly, his good looks made him a pretty big hit with the ladies, who swooned every time the camera cut to him in his Speedo.

Unfortunately, being a superstar sex symbol does have some drawbacks. And one of them, as Ryan Lochte recently discovered, is unexpected and excessively enthusiastic encounters with fans.

On Sunday, Lochte was in Florida when a fan—a teenage girl—spotted him, ran over to him, and jumped into his arms. Lochte was nice enough to catch the girl, which probably made all her dreams come true. However, the two fell to the ground and the Olympian hit his knee on the curb.

The damage? A torn MCL and sprained ACL.

We’ve seen some pretty weird sports injuries before, but I can’t ever remember someone missing time because a random teenage girl jumped in his arms. That’s a first.

Fortunately, Lochte’s medical team expects him to make a full and rapid recovery.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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