The 30 Most Iconic Hairdos in NBA History

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Last Wednesday, Allen Iverson announced his retirement from the NBA, making official what had been unofficial for three whole years. Most people, of course, will miss Iverson’s killer crossover, his clutch shooting, and his insane determination to win. And that’s fine. But me? I’m going to miss his sweet hair.

Sure, technically the NBA is losing an all-time great. But really, Iverson stopped being Iverson when he turned 33 years old. What the NBA is losing is an iconic set of locks.

So where does Iverson rank on the list of all-time great NBA hairdos? Well, today we’re going to answer that question. Take a look at the list and tell us if we forgot anybody. But, you know, be nice about it. If we left somebody off the list, we didn’t mean it as a personal affront to you. Cool? Then let’s get started.


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