Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Apologizes For Crack Use While Wearing Old-School NFL Tie (Photos & Video)

rob ford crack nfl tie 2

Here’s some free advertising that the NFL could probably do without.

While confessing to smoking crack cocaine (check out the video below), Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was wearing an old-school NFL tie, because nothing says “I’m sorry for smoking crack while running your city” quite like a tie with Buccaneer Bruce’s bright orange face plastered smack in the middle of it.

Let’s just say that Ford’s wardrobe choice was about as bold as his decision to remain in office until next year’s election, which he plans to run in.

Here’s a closer look at Ford’s NFL tie:

rob ford crack nfl tie 1

And here’s footage of Rob Ford’s crack-smoking confession:

You’ve got to love the laughter and comments that Ford’s final “God Bless” receives before he steps out.

It had me cracking up—get it?

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