High School Running Back Jukes His Way to a Ridiculous 65-Yard Touchdown (Video)

HS screen pass touchdown

With three seconds remaining in the first half and Mount Pleasant High (Providence, R.I.) leading East Greenwich High (East Greenwich, R.I.) by a score of 14-0, Mount Pleasant head coach Paul Rao called a conservative screen pass.  Anticipating an all-out blitz from the East Greenwhich defense, the call was likely made by Rao in an effort to prevent his starting quarterback from making a costly error while under intense pressure.

He probably didn’t expect the following to unfold:

That right there was a 65-yard touchdown on a screen pass by Mount Pleasant running back Randolph Zleh.  And for those who weren’t counting, Zleh broke or slipped a total of eight tackles while running around the field for 30 seconds before finally making his way into the end zone.

He would finish the game with four touchdowns during Mount Pleasant’s 46-0 victory.  And while one of those touchdowns will go down as a 65-yarder, those who watched the highlights know that Zleh had to run a lot further than that.

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