Spinning Back Heel Kicks Are Even Better in Slow Motion (GIFs)

slow motion spinning back heel kick mma

With this post, I intend to prove two things you probably already know: (1) MMA fighters are tough as hell, and (2) super slow motion is awesome.

Last night, Rustam Khabilov and Jorge Masvidal squared off in UFC Fight Night 31, also known as UFC: Fight for the Troops 3. The bout was pretty even and went the distance, but Khabilov pulled out a unanimous 30-27, 29-28, and 30-27 decision.

So what made all the difference? Probably the spinning back heel kick Khabilov landed at the start of the third round. It connected right on Masvidal’s jaw and knocked him right off his feet. Masvidal was able to recover quickly and defend himself very well on the mat, but it was easily the biggest blow of the fight.

Check it out:

Pretty great, right? Well, wait till you see it in super slow motion. It goes from pretty great to downright epic.

See for yourself:

When you see it in slow motion it seems like a miracle that Masvidal didn’t break his damn neck. The fact that he then kept on fighting without missing a beat is just ridiculous.

Hat Tip – [MMA Junkie]

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