Blake Griffin Posterized LeBron James and Chris Bosh at the Same Time (Video)

blake griffin posterizes bosh and lebron

Last night, the Miami Heat edged the Los Angels Clippers 102-97 thanks to a clutch fourth quarter performance by Dwyane Wade. However, the highlight of the game, just like Tuesday night in Toronto, involved LeBron James getting posterized.

Of course, this time LeBron didn’t get dunked on by Jonas Valanciunas. This time the culprit was Mr. Monster Jam himself, Blake Griffin.

Also, LBJ wasn’t alone this time, either. His good buddy Chris Bosh was right there with him on the poster…looking completely helpless.

Take a look:

Man, Blake Griffin alone is worth the price of admission to an NBA game. The dude is a human highlight reel. Throw DeAndre Jordan in there, too, and the Clippers are like a traveling circus act.

Seriously, look at the schedule of the NBA team nearest you and make plans to see the Clippers some time soon. You won’t regret it.

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