The NBA’s 2013 Christmas Day Jerseys Suck (Pic)

nba christmas jerseys 2013

You know, on the one hand, I respect Adidas and the NBA for trying to push the boundaries when it comes to uniforms. It’s silly when people won’t even consider change simply because they think change is inherently bad. It’s not inherently bad, and sometimes it’s very good.

On the other hand, when it comes to basketball jerseys, sleeves are just not good. Really, crazy not good. Why? Because adding sleeves to basketball jerseys makes them look less unique.

Unfortunately, that’s the direction the NBA is heading in. Last year, the Warriors became the first team to try out some t-shirt style uniforms. Now, word has it the NBA is going with sleeved jerseys for their Christmas Day quintuple-header. And that’s them above.

Of course, the sleeves aren’t the only “changes” to traditional basketball jerseys here. For the first time ever, there are no uniform numbers on the front of these jerseys. They’ve been eliminated to make room for the larger, NHL-style logos on the front. That’s a cool change. I wouldn’t want to see it everyday, but for special occasions it’s fun.

As for the sleeves? No way. These things look like soccer jerseys.

There’s nothing wrong with soccer jerseys, mind you. But they’re soccer jerseys, not basketball jerseys.

But hey, what I think doesn’t matter. What do you think? Would you buy one of these?

Hat Tip – [Uni Watch via Point Forward]