Vikings-Redskins Game Ends with Santana Moss Taking Out Cameraman (GIF)

santana moss takes out cameraman on last play of game

Last night, Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins were in Minneapolis to take on the bumbling idiots known as the Vikings. Aaaaand they lost. A team with one of the most hyped quarterbacks in the league lost to a team that can’t figure out whether to start Christian Ponder or Josh Freeman.

It wasn’t just the outcome that was unexpected, however. It was also the way the outcome came about. You see, the Redskins were up 27-21 in the third quarter when Ponder left the game with a dislocated shoulder. So you would have thought they’d be able to close it out—especially given the fact that they had scored on their first five possessions of the game. But no. They gave up the lead on an Adrian Peterson touchdown and two field goals.

Still, Washington had Minnesota on the ropes in the last two minutes. Griffin saved the game with a 12-yard run on fourth and one, then they got the ball all the way down to the four-yard line, meaning they’d get three good cracks at the end zone for a game-winning touchdown.

So how’d that go? All three were incomplete passes. And the third—the final play of the game—went like this:

Santana Moss caught the ball, but with just one foot in the end zone. Then he took out a camera guy.

Weird ending, right?

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