Stanford Made Oregon Cry Last Night, Literally (GIF)

oregon sucks josh huff crying

Last night the Oregon Ducks were not actually playing for the National Championship, but they might as well have been. For the second straight year they had to play the Stanford Cardinal with an undefeated season and a trip to the BCS National Championship Game on the line. And for the second straight year, Stanford crushed Oregon’s title hopes.

Of course, last year it took an overtime field goal for Stanford to ruin Oregon’s season. This year, they just pounded them right from the start. The final score was just 26-20, but it was never really close. Standord took a 23-0 lead into the fourth quarter, and extended it to 26-0 with just under 12 minutes remaining.

At that point, Oregon’s spirits were broken. They still managed to score three touchdowns in the fourth and make it somewhat interesting, but when you saw WR Josh Huff sobbing on the sidelines, you knew they were pretty much finished.

Take a look:

You have to feel for the kid. College football is pretty unforgiving. One loss and your hopes for a championship are pretty much gone…at least until next year, when we get a playoff system.

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