California JV Quarterback Runs Awesome Trick Play (Video)

Jahlil Pinkett Trick Play

Here’s a trick play that takes some serious audacity to pull off. It comes, like most great trick plays, from a high school student. It’s El Camino Real High School JV quarterback Jahlil Pinkett (who happens to be the nephew of Jada Pinkett-Smith), who managed to fool the entire Cleveland High School defense by pretending there was some problem with the ball, faking a run to the sidelines, and then sprinting to the end zone.

It’s the kind of trick play that requires a certain lack of respect for your opponent’s intelligence – in other words, the perfect kind of trick play. And Pinkett nails pretty much every aspect of the play from beginning to end. The only downside is that every next high school QB who actually gets a deflated ball is going to get clobbered “just in case” from now on.

Check out the impressive trick play from El Camino Real High School’s Jahlil Pinkett in the video below.

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