Ole Miss’ Robert Nkemdiche Ejected After Shoving Arkansas’ Dan Skipper (GIF)

Robert Nkemdiche Shoves Dan Skipper

At Saturday’s game between Ole Miss and Arkansas had one heated exchange between Robert Nkemdiche, defensive linesman for Ole Miss, and Dan Skipper, Arkansas’ offensive tackle.

And the exchange was heated enough to get Nkemdiche ejected from the game, after his shoving Skipper to the ground resulted in a red flag from an official. It’s not clear what started the fight, but whatever Skipper did, he certainly didn’t knock Nkemdiche to the ground.

You can see a (pretty shaky) GIF of the incident below, and decide whether you think it was an eject-able offense. Was it just a strong shove from Nkemdiche, or is Skipper a particularly good flopper? You make the call:

Robert Nkemdiche Gets Ejected After Shoving Arkansas Lineman to the Ground

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