Watch This “Flying Push-Up” and Feel Guilty for Your Push-Up Skills (Video)

World's Highest Push-Up

Some people are born with a knack for music, or painting, or any one of the myriad art forms that exist in the world. Ahmed “Iron Monkey” Kerigo’s special skill is push-ups – and not just any push-ups.

For a brief yet incredibly impressive showcase of Kerigo’s talents, just take a look at a little number he calls a “Flying Push-Up.” It involves him somehow propelling himself onto the tops of four separate stacks of boxes, and lifting himself up over four feet in total. As if that weren’t enough, the push-up is also billed as the “world’s highest” of its kind, breaking the previous record (which was naturally set by Kerigo himself)

If you’re having trouble visualizing exactly what Ahmed Kerigo’s “Flying Push-Up” is, just watch the video below, which shows it in scrutinizing detail. Remember this the next time you get winded on the treadmill.


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