LSU Fan Starts Acting Like a Dinosaur for Some Reason (GIFs)

LSU Dinosaur Guy

What are you supposed to do when your team scores a touchdown? Generally behaviors like jumping up in the air, clapping, and cheering are acceptable, but have you considered pretending to be a T-Rex? One LSU fan did during Saturday’s game against Alabama, and has gotten sort of internet-famous for his troubles.

I’m not really sure what the guy’s reasoning was in his decision to act like a dinosaur, but I like to imagine him trying it out in all kinds of situations now – birthday parties, movies, quiet time on elevators, etc. In any case, the people at SB Nation have probably made the best use of the LSU Dinosaur Guy, but splicing him into a scene from Jurassic Park. I would have gone with We’re Back, but whatever.

You can check out both the original LSU Dinosaur Guy and the Jurassic Park version below. The weird thing is they both make about the same amount of sense…


LSU Dinosaur Fan Gets Spliced with 'Jurassic Park' for a Fantastic GIF


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