Michigan Cymbal-Player Eats While Playing (GIF)

Michigan Band Member Eating While Playing

I never thought of it before, but it must be tough being in a college marching band since you’re probably not able to eat during the games. Even the players get Gatorade, and they’re too distracted by the game to get hungry. But one member of the Michigan Marching Band apparently has thought of it, so much so that she’s developed some kind of system for eating while playing.

The specifics of this system are unclear, but we do know that she was seen on TV with some kind of pastry in her mouth in between cymbal crashes. How did it get there? Did she finish it? I don’t know, but I respect her skills regardless.

See the Michigan band member eating while playing below. Not seen: The band’s tuba players, jealously looking on.

Michigan band member Michigan band member eats while playing the cymbals, is awesome at multitasking

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