15 of the Biggest Racist D-Bags in Sports History

biggest racists in sports (racism in sports)

Somehow, since this whole Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin story broke last week, the conversation seems to have shifted from the subject of racism to the subject of bullying and the overly machismo culture of NFL locker rooms. Is this discussion important to have? Of course it is. But to be quite honest, I still am not over the racism thing.

As you probably know, Incognito allegedly left a voicemail message for his teammate in which he called him a “half-n*****.” That is a word that should not be in anyone’s lexicon. If it is there, if it’s possible for you to reach down inside your brain and pull that word out when you’re angry or upset, something is wrong. Period. You may not be a terrible person. Maybe you’re just a flawed person. It’s not for me to judge.

That being said, “flawed” probably doesn’t cut it when it comes to describing the character of Richie Incognito. And, sadly, the dude is hardly alone in being a huge racist d-bag—a fact to which today’s list will testify.

Before getting started, however, I should make one clarification: this is not a list of the most racist people in sports history. If that were the case, it would probably be made up entirely of soccer fans and baseball players from the 1930s. No, this is a list of the some the most notable racist d-bags in sports history. See the difference?

Okay then, let’s get started…

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