UFC Fight Night 32: Jeremy Stephens’ Knockout of Rony Jason Made for One Hell of a GIF

jeremy stephens knocks out rony jason with one kick

The biggest knockout of UFC Fight Night 32 was no doubt the knockout of Dan Henderson by Vitor Belfort. After all, it was the first KO defeat of Henderson’s career, and it set Belfort up as a potential challenger for the UFC light heavyweight title.

However, the best knockout at UFC Fight Night 32—and the one that made the most ridiculously awesome GIF—was that of Rony Jason by Jeremy Stephens. Just 40 seconds into round one, Stephens delivered a lightning quick kick to the side of Jason’s head as Jason had opened up his stance to take a jab at Stephens. Jason then fell backwards to the mat, and Stephens pounced to deliver one more nasty punch to the head before the referee could get in between them and call things off.

Then Stephens gave a victory “HELL YES” point to his people outside the octagon.

Take a look:

Like I said, it may not have been the most significant knockout of the night, but it sure was badass.

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