Spanish Basketball League’s Felipe Reyes Sinks “Buzzer-Beater of the Year” (Video)

felipe reyes amazing three point buzzer beater

Over the years we have seen some pretty insane buzzer-beaters from the world of basketball. We’ve seen them hit from three-quarters of a court away. We’ve seen full-court one-bounce shots. And we’ve seen full-court bounce-pass alley-oops. So when I say that what you are about to see is one of the greatest buzzer-beaters of all-time, please know that I don’t make such claims lightly.

It comes to us from the Liga ACB, which is the Spanish pro league. With time about to expire at the end of the first half during a recent game between Real Madrid and La Bruixa d’Or, Madrid decided to hurl the ball the length of the court on an inbound, despite the fact that they were up 23 points. The ball then managed to make it into the hands of team captain Felipe Reyes, who threw the ball backwards over his head toward the basket and turned around to watch it go in.

Take a look:

Reyes could try that shot 99 more times and not make one of them. He made this one, however, and I’m sure no one who witnessed it will ever forget.

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