Golden Tate Makes One-Handed Touchdown Catch (GIFs)

Golden Tate's One-Armed Catch

Someone might want to consider calling Golden Tate the “One-Armed Bandit” after his showing at Sunday’s Seahawks-Falcons game. Seattle’s wide receiver reached out with one hand and made a difficult touchdown catch at the very end of the second quarter, strengthening his team’s lead en route to their 33-10 victory.

Pay attention to the details, and Golden Tate’s one-handed catch becomes even more impressive. For one, it’s his left hand, and for two, he just barely managed to catch the ball in bounds. If anybody ever earned those six points, it was Tate yesterday.

Check out Golden Tate’s golden one-armed touchdown catch in the animated GIFs below. Anybody think this guy deserves a raise? Show of hands.

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