Richie Incognito Gives Exclusive Interview with FOX’s Jay Glazer (Video)

richie incognito interview

Well, after a good solid week of public relations counseling and coaching, Richie Incognito decided to finally sit down and face the music.

What did that mean? It meant carefully selecting one of the hundreds of media outlets who had requested an interview—in this case, it was Fox Sports and Jay Glazer—and sitting down to explain his actions toward Jonathan Martin and answering claims that he is a racist douchebag.

So how did he come off? Very well, actually. Better than I would have expected, given his past. He didn’t trash Martin, he didn’t speculate as to what’s going on with him, and he took accountability for what he did. So obviously, this is a guy who can be coached (just not by Steve Spanuolo).

The interview runs about five and a half minutes, but it’s definitely worth a look.

Here it is:

Frankly, while I still think Incognito is a douche, I also believe some of the stuff he said. I seriously doubt he is the only (or even the biggest) villain in this case. He’s just the easiest target for the media and Martin’s lawyers because they had him recorded, and because he has such a bad rep to begin with.

What do you think?