UFC Fight Night 32: Vitor Belfort Hands Dan Henderson His First Career KO

Belfort vs. Henderson knockout

UFC Fight Night 32 on Saturday in Brazil featured a number of entertaining bouts. Only two of the 11 fights were decided by the judges, and of the nine knockouts, a whopping seven came in the first round. So there were some serious fireworks.

The biggest bang of all? That was the main event between light heavyweights Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson. If you tuned in late for that one because you couldn’t figure out where Fox Sports 1 is on your cable or satellite provider, you missed it. Belfort avenged his previous loss to Henderson by knocking him out just 1:17 into the first round.

Interestingly, the flurry of punches and kicks from Belfort that ended the fight actually began with Henderson on the attack; however, it ended with Henderson suffering the first KO of his career and Belfort in line for a shot at whoever wins the Chris WeidemanAnderson Silva title rematch next month.

Take a look:

Yeah, I’d say Belfort definitely earned a shot at the title. Wouldn’t you?

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