The Dolphins and Bucs Were Taking Their Bottled Up Aggression Out on Each Other Last Night (GIFs)

mike pouncey slaps tampa player

How bad are things going for the Miami Dolphins right now? Well, last night they lost to the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who were 0-8 coming in. So I guess you could say things are not going very well.

The Fins, of course, have been dealing with that whole “Richie Incognito might be a racist bully” thing for the past 10 days or so, which has stolen a lot of attention away from actually playing football. However, they didn’t get blown out by the Bucs. They got into a 15-0 hole early, but they clawed their way back and made it a contest by taking a 19-15 lead early in the fourth quarter. The Dolphins showed some fight.

Of course, I mean that both metaphorically and literally, as there was also some headbutting and punching going on between the players last night.

First, we have this headbutt by Tampa’s Dashon Goldson on a helmet-less Dolphin. It’s not brutal, but it’s certainly unsportmanlike:

dashon goldson headbutt

And then there is this punch from Mike Pouncey to the head of Tampa’s Akeem Spence:

mike pouncey helmet slap

So yeah, pretty much everyone had some bottled up aggression last night. The Bucs were desperate for a win.  The Fins were desperate to have people stop asking why they verbally abuse their teammates. And I guess it all boiled over a bit.

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