J.J. Hickson Posterized Marvin Williams Last Night (Video + GIF)

j.j. hickson posterizes marvin miller

Is your favorite NBA team struggling out of the gate? Well, don’t fret. It could always be worse…unless your team is the Utah Jazz, in which case, no, that’s pretty much as bad as it gets.

Last night the Denver Nuggets rolled into Salt Lake City with a record of 1-4 and looking to figure out how to win. The home team, meanwhile, came in with a record of 0-7 and were hoping they might finally win a game.

That didn’t happen. It was close three quarters, though, but in the fourth the Nuggets pulled out all the stops and wound up with a big 100-81 victory.

You want to see the entire game (and probably the entire Jazz season) summed up in one play? Well, here you go:

That’s J.J. Hickson scoring two of his 14 points right in the face of Marvin Williams.

Here’s the video, so you can hear the reaction in the arena after the dunk:

Unfortunately, this is probably going to be the lasting image Jazz fans have of this season—Marvin Williams, on a poster, with Hickson dunking over his head.

We’ve seen a bunch of great dunks already this season, but this one is probably the only one I’d say that was also kind of sad.

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