Pee Wee Football Team Pulls Off Perfect Statue of Liberty Play (Video)

pee wee football statue of liberty play

Most of the time, pee wee football is like putting clothes on a cat. It looks like football, and the kids think it’s football. But it’s not really football, which is why it’s so darned adorable!

However, every once in a while we come across a pee wee football play that actually is real football. And today we have one of those.

What is it, you ask? Another ridiculous, bone-crushing hit? Nope. It’s a team pulling off the old statue of liberty play to perfection.

Have a look:

The kids in orange are the Suniland Sundevils, and, as you probably noticed, the kid scoring the touchdown goes by the nickname J-Dog. Or at least, I assume it’s his nickname.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all we know about this, since the person who uploaded the video to YouTube isn’t really a stickler for details. But, really, what more do you need to know? It’s an awesome trick play, improbably pulled off by a bunch of kids who normally put their pads on backwards and get distracted by dandelions. You gotta love it.

Hat Tip – [Guyism]

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