The 13 Greatest Goalie Fights in NHL History

best goalie fights nhl history

We’re supposed to disapprove of line brawls in hockey because they make the game look silly and barbaric. However, I don’t really buy that. I think the regular fights we see today—the ones where guys agree to fight each ahead of time, for no reason, and then throw down as soon as the puck drops—those make the game look silly and barbaric. A good old-fashioned line brawl? To me, that looks like two teams playing their guts out and getting too worked up. It’s far more natural and understandable than two guys with no real beef beating each other up just because.

Of course, the epitome of a good line brawl, as every hockey fan knows, is a goalie fight. They are, hands down, one of the greatest, most ridiculous spectacles in pro sports today. They don’t happen often, but when they do you remember them for years.

Unfortunately, thanks to the actions of one jerk, the NHL is now considering imposing harsh punishments for goalies who drop the gloves (and blockers). So today, we’re going to pay tribute to the art of the goalie fight with this list of the 13 best ones the NHL has ever seen.

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