8 NFL Players Who Have Been Arrested Since The Season Began

pac man jones mug shot

The NFL is not enjoying a great year PR-wise. Not that it matters. Football is like crack to Americans, so it’s no big deal that Aaron Hernandez is arrested for having murdered over 52,000 people, Richie Incognito is threatening to steal Mel Gibson’s title of America’s Sweetheart, and Pacman Jones is still allowed to live outside of a cage without a shock collar.

While much has been made about the many, many many arrests that took place earlier in the year, we’d like to peruse the arrests that have happened during the season thus far. Keep in mind, the regular season is barely past the midway point.  And yeah, we included pre-season. Because they should be busy enough, even during pre-season, to not drive cars while smoking joints. Just do one or the other, guys, not both.

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