Buffalo Sabres Announcer Rick Jeanneret Dons Helmet While Commentating from Between the Benches (Video)

Rick Jeanneret wearing a helmet calling game from bench

When longtime Buffalo Sabres announcer Rick Jeanneret found out the elevator to the press box was broken, he jokingly said he would call last night’s game against the Los Angeles Kings from between the benches. But when technicians were unable to fix the busted lift, that’s exactly what Jeanneret was forced to do.

Don’t they have stairs in Buffalo? That’s gotta be a fire hazard! But I digress.

Donning a hockey helmet with a face shield, Jeanneret seemed unfazed by his new location, despite the fact that an eye-level view isn’t exactly the best vantage point to call a game. At one point, he even had to scramble as Kings center Jordan Nolan came careening into his section.  Check it out:

Buffalo Sabres announcer Rick Jeanneret calls game from bench

But Jeanneret quickly recovered, and called the rest of the game without incident. I guess when you’re the longest-tenured play-by-play announcer in NHL history, you’re not going to let something like a broken elevator stop you.

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