Florida Gulf Coast Brings Back “Dunk City” and Their Crazy Bench Celebrations (GIFs)

FGCU Celebration

The Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles made headlines last year for their fast-paced and aggressive style of play, with a whole bunch of slam dunks thrown in for good measure. But apparently the novelty of FGCU’s playing style hasn’t worn off even for the players, as one’s reaction to an alley-oop slam dunk from Brent Comer and Nate Hicks during last night’s game against Hartford will attest.

The player is surrounded by like-minded teammates who are jumping up and down in the usual way, but he isn’t content with conventional celebrations. So instead, he starts clutching at the air and making spasmodic facial expressions—he’s not quite acting like a T-Rex, but it’s close.

You can see both the cool slam-dunk and the hilarious team reaction from Florida Gulf Coast University in the GIFs below. As for which one is more entertaining, I’ll leave that to the reader to decide:

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