Michael Jordan’s ‘Space Jam’ Gets Its Own ’30 for 30′ Mockumentary (Video)

space jame 30 for 30 mockumentary

For those of you who are too young to remember, 1996 was a horrible time to be alive. Internet Explorer 3.0 was the best browser going. The Spice Girls were the hot new band. And the Taliban was taking control of Afghanistan, but people were too busy watching Friends to care. However, of all the horrible things to come out of 1996, Michael Jordan’s jaw-droppingly bad film Space Jam was by far the most disturbing.

The film’s plot, which was probably conceived by a coked-up Warner Bros. executive who had lost a bet, involved Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes playing a game of basketball against evil space aliens for control of planet Earth. If that sounds stupid to you, congrats. You’re not an idiot.

Aside from Bill Murray, it’s hard to appreciate anything about this film, even on an ironic level. But the guys at Sketchy have somehow managed to make it interesting by giving Space Jam its own ESPN 30 for 30 parody.

The clip plays it straight, and pretends that the events of the film actually occurred in the real world. The result is a five-minute clip that contains a lot more laughs than the film it’s mocking.  Check it out:

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