Minor Hockey Player Unleashes Vicious Attack on Opponent (Video)

minor hockey marty mcsorley assault

The debate regarding fighting’s place in hockey seems to have hit its peak over the course of the past month.  But for those in favor of banning fighting in hopes of eliminating violent acts of brutality from the sport, here’s an even better idea: we keep the fighting and simply get rid of some of the reckless fools that still play this great game.

First on the list is Patrick Kaleta of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres.  And second would have to be this player from the Toledo Cherokee 1999 AAA team, who took a nasty two-handed swing at the head of an opponent before punching the injured player several times while playing in the Nike Bauer World Hockey Invitational earlier this month.

Needless to say, a five-minute major is probably the least of this kid’s worries.  I’m sure he’s already lawyered up by now:

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