WC Qualifying: Mexico’s Oribe Peralta Celebrates Goal By Riding His Teammate Like a Horse (GIF)

mexican goal celebration

The Mexican national soccer team failed to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in the regional qualification stage. CONCACAF’s three guaranteed spots instead went to Costa Rica, Honduras, and the United States. That meant fourth place Mexico had to play in one of FIFA’s two-leg “intercontinental playoffs” against New Zealand to gain a spot in the tournament.

Since two-leg playoffs look at the aggregate score of two games to determine a winner, you don’t just want to win the first game. You want to win big and create an obstacle that, to the other team, will seem insurmountable. And Mexico got a big boost by getting to play the first game, which was yesterday, at home in Mexico City’s intimidating Estadio Azteca.

As a result, things went exactly as Mexico had hoped: they absolutely demolished the Kiwis, 5-1, with the +4 goal differential all but guaranteeing Mexico will be playing on the world’s biggest stage next summer.

Obviously, the Mexicans were quite excited about this. However, it seems that, after their third goal, they got maybe a little too excited.

Or at least, Oribe Peralta did. After he scored the first of his two goals, making it 3-0, he hopped on the back of a teammate and rode him around like a horsey:

That’s…um…an interesting celebration.

Go Mexico?

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