Here’s Michael Jordan Playing Beer Pong at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami (Pics + Video)

jordan beer pong

Everyone who has ever played competitive beer pong knows your elbows (or in some stricter places, your wrists) must stay behind the edge of the table.

Here’s a question, though. If you ever found yourself playing His Airness, Michael Jordan, in a game of beer pong, would you call him on an elbow rule infraction? What if there were money on the line?  (And if you were playing with Jordan, you could be damn sure there was money on the line. The guy likes to gamble.)

Personally, I’d keep my mouth shut. For one thing, we know how Jordan handles people who challenge his authority. For another thing…Jesus Christ you’re playing Michael Jordan in BEER PONG! Pay the man his money and enjoy what surely will go down as the greatest day of your life.

Anyway, I only bring all this up because, yep, Jordan was recently photographed playing beer pong with some bros at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami Beach. And, sure enough, the man violated the sacred elbow rule.

Take a look:

jordan playing beer pong

jordan playing beer pong 2

And here’s the video evidence:

Awesome, right?

On a side note, if you had your own clothing and sneaker line named after you, would you dress head to toe in that sh*t? Hell yes, you would, just like MJ. The dude is rocking Jordan 11s and a Jordan t-shirt. Cause that’s how he rolls.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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