Maple Leafs Forward Nazim Kadri Was Head-Hunting in Minnesota Last Night (Videos)

kadri runs over niklas backstrom headshot

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nazim Kadri is not a huge guy. He’s supposed to be a skilled player who earns his salary by scoring points rather than being a grinder and intimidating opponents. So there really is only one explanation for his behavior in Minnesota last night: the dude wants a vacation.

And after delivering not one but two headshots to Wild players last night, he’ll almost certainly be getting one courtesy of NHL discipline czar (and newly inducted member of the Hall of Fame) Brendan Shanahan.

Kadri’s first offense was by far the most egregious. About seven minutes into the first period, with the game still scoreless, Kadri decided to plow right over Wild goaltender Niklas Backstrom, delivering a pretty vicious elbow to the head that knocked him out of the game.

Take a look:

That dirty move right there ought to get him a 10-game suspension in my book. Of course, given that the NHL only gave John Scott seven games for his vicious attack on Loui Eriksson, they’ll probably only give Kadri three to five…unless they also take into account the headshot he delivered to Mikael Granlund in the third period:

Obviously, this hit isn’t nearly as vicious. Kadri doesn’t leave his feet, and he doesn’t get the elbow in Granlund’s face.  And despite what the Wild announcers said, it’s not certain that the head was the principle point of contact. That being said, there was contact to the head, and it seemed pretty damned unnecessary. Moreover, the referees saw fit to give him a match penalty for this one.

So what do you think: how many games (if any) is Kadri going to get for this?

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