Only in the NBA: Thunder-Clippers Shoving Match Results in Two Ejections, Profane Tweet (Video)

clippers thunder brawl

Last night, tensions flared a bit between the Clippers and Thunder right at the end of the first half. There was really no reason for it, and the only result was a little pushing and shoving, but it happened.

And, obviously, since the NBA is being run like some sort of youth rec league, two guys got ejected.

Seriously. Here’s what happened: Serge Ibaka cleanly blocked Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin acted like somebody stabbed him in the back with a red hot poker. Then Griffin pinned Ibaka’s arm under his and wouldn’t let go. Ibaka kind of flung Griffin off his arm. Matt Barnes then jumped in and pushed Ibaka. Everyone started shoving and issuing vein threats.

That was it. As the ESPN announcers correctly point out, it should have resulting in a technical foul. Instead, both Serge Ibaka and Matt Barnes got ejected.

Take a look:

Ejections? Really? The NHL ejects guys for trying to inflict serious brain injuries. The NBA ejects guys for pushing.

Of course, Barnes was not too happy about getting ejected, as you would expect. However, in retrospect, he probably wishes he didn’t vent his frustrations on Twitter.

matt barnes tweet

Yeah, that probably didn’t go over well with the Clippers or Barnes’ agent. Which is probably why he quickly deleted it.

Thank goodness for screen caps!

Oh, and by the way, the Clippers wound up winning the game, 111-103.