LeBron James Would Like You to Know His Son, LeBron Jr, Is Also Good at Basketball (Video)

lebron jr basketball skills

I suppose the son of any famous pro athlete would feel a lot of pressure to be good at sports. However, when your dad isn’t just a good player, but the best in the world, and when you are named after him, and he starts posting videos of you playing ball on Instagram…well, I imagine the pressure in that case is immense.

I don’t know from personal experience, of course. I’m just speculating because, alas, my dad was not a pro athlete. So maybe we should ask the son of LeBon James, nine-year-old LeBron James Jr. His dad is kind of a big deal, and he’s got the same name. And yes, now his dad is posting videos of him on Instagram, claiming he looks like a little Dwyane Wade.

Take a look:

Here’s LeBron’s description: “Bronny went for 25-8-8 tonight. He getting better and better. Couple euro steps looking like @dwyanewade and what I like most is his unselfishness #HeGotNext #StriveForGreatness”

I’d certainly be proud if my kid scored 25 points in a basketball game. When I was nine, my team was lucky if all of us scored 25 points combined.

Still, LeBron might want to ease off the hype and just let his kid be a kid, instead of a prospect.

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