Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria Surprised N.L. ‘Rookie of the Year’ Jose Fernandez by Reuniting Him with His Grandmother (Video)

jose fernandez reunited with grandmother

Imagine you are blessed with an incredible, one in a million talent, and the only way to capitalize on that talent is to leave your homeland.

Now imagine that you are not allowed to leave your homeland legally. Your only way out is a 90-mile boat ride under the cover of darkness, and if you take that boat ride you may never see the ones you love again.

Would you do it?

Well, Miami Marlins rookie phenom Jose Fernandez did it. And just like other Cuban ballplayers before him, he had to leave his loved ones behind—most notably, his beloved grandmother, Olga Fernandez Romero. When Jose and his mother, Maritza Gomez Fernandez, defected to the United States in 2008, they didn’t think they’d ever see Olga again.

However, recently Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria somehow arranged to get Olga to Florida. Then they surprised Fernandez with a very unexpected reunion right before he picked up his award for Rookie of the Year.

You’ve gotta look at the video. But make sure you have a tissue and a good excuse for why you’re crying (it’s all this dust, right?) ready to go.

My cynical side feels compelled to mention what fantastic PR this is for Loria with all the Cuban ex-pats living in South Florida. However, the human side has to admit that it doesn’t matter at all why Loria set this up. That doesn’t make it any less touching.

Okay, now go call your grandmother and tell her you love her.

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