Stars Goalie Kari Lehtonen Was Chillin’ on Top of His Goal During the Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin Show Last Night (GIF)

kari lehtonen sitting on top of goal

On most nights, if you’re an NHL goalie and your team comes out on top, you had a hand in the win. However, that was not the case for Kari Lehtonen last night in Calgary.

Oh sure, the Stars netminder made some saves. In fact, he made 25 of them. It’s just that this night belonged to Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. Lehtonen could have let in three more goals and the Stars still would have won thanks to Benn’s six points and Seguin’s four goals.

In fact, sheer boredom was probably the only reason Lehtonen let in the goals he did. Goalie’s tend to lose focus a bit when their team is blowing out the other team. And we sure as hell know Lehtonen was bored. Just take a look at this:

That’s right. Your eyes do not deceive you. That is Dallas Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen sitting on top of his own goal, just chillin’ prior to a faceoff at the other end.

Obviously, with his team up 7-3 and only 12 seconds left on the clock, the game was in the bag.

Hat Tip – [Sporting News]

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