49ers Ahmad Brooks Dirty Hit On Saints Drew Brees (GIFs)

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 10.24.04 PMSunday’s Saints49ers game was home to not one but two tough-to-watch hits. One was Jabari Greer‘s gruesome leg break, and the other is this one, a sack on Saints QB Drew Brees by 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks.

It looks at first like a fairly normal hit, until you notice that Brees’ head fails to follow the rest of his body to the ground right away. The result is a bit of neck-gymnastics that might make you think of Mr. Fantastic or Stretch Armstrong. The refs were apparently taken aback as well, since they called a personal foul on Brooks.

Ahmad Brooks’ sack of Drew Brees is one of those hits in sports that looks worse and worse the more you slow it down. So, of course, we have some slowed-down footage of the hit in the GIFs below.

Here’s number one:

49ers' Ahmad Brooks Called for Game-Changing Penalty on Saints' Drew Brees 

And here’s number 2, in “super slow-mo.” I, for one, had no idea the human neck was that stretchy:

drew brees neck super slo mo

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