FSU Players Seen Playing Hangman During Blowout Victory (Photo)

FSU Hangman

At some point during Florida State University‘s 59-3 victory over Syracuse on Saturday, some of FSU’s players must have gotten a little bored. And I don’t simply mean they weren’t playing as well as they could have.  Rather, someone got a shot of a few FSU defensive backs playing Hangman on the sidelines.

Unfortunately, you can’t really see in the photo what letters are in play. The second-to-last letter looks like an “E” to me, so maybe it’s a description of what was happening on the field, like “SLAUGHTER” or “MASSACRED.”

As time-wasting strategies go, you can do a lot worse than Hangman. For instance, imagine what the Syracuse bench looked like at this point.  They could have been playing Hangman in a much more literal way.

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