Saints’ Jabari Greer Suffers Nasty Leg Break (GIFs + Video)

Jabari Greer Injury

You know how every once in a while a football player will suffer an injury that makes the pit of your stomach drop when you see it?

Fair warning: This is one of those injuries.

The unlucky sufferer of this almost-unwatchable leg injury was New Orleans Saints cornerback Jabari Greer, who went down in a spectacularly gruesome fashion while trying to break up a pass intended for the 49ers’ Jon Baldwin. The break was bad enough for Greer to be taken off the field in a cart, and no one knows as of yet when he’ll be back.

Like you might expect from such an injury, you can see it from pretty much every imaginable angle below in the video below. On the Theismann scale, I’d say this is about an 8.

Here’s what is probably the toughest angle to watch, because you can see it crystal clearly and in slow-motion:


And here’s a wider shot, in case you just want to get a brief glance at the injury without soaking in every detail:

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