UFC 167: Did GSP Retire After His Fight With Johny Hendricks?

MMA: UFC 167-St-Pierre vs Hendricks

Last, night UFC 167 came to an end with Georges St-Pierre narrowly defeating Johny Hendricks by split decision, retaining his UFC Welterweight championship in the process. And additionally, the rumors of St-Pierre’s approaching retirement reached critical mass.

Immediately after the fight, St-Pierre said, “I need a vacation right now,” which would seem to back up reports that he’s planning on an extended hiatus rather than all-out retirement. But according to this tweet from Ariel Helwani, St-Pierre’s career plan has long been to “retire” for about a year with a victory under his belt.

Might St-Pierre’s “vacation” remark be his way of announcing his retirement?

Another choice quote from Georges St-Pierre regarding rumors of his retirement from fighting came a few days before the fight, in an interview with FOX Sports Ariel Helwani:

“I can’t tell you. Listen, I don’t know when I’m going to retire. It could be tomorrow, could be in one week, it could be in 10 years, could be in five years, I don’t know. I take one fight at a time, but I love what I do right now.”

The majority of reports on the subject seem to suggest that Georges St-Pierre will be at the very least taking a hiatus from UFC following last night’s controversial victory. But as you can see, St-Pierre can be a little bit indecisive regarding the question of retirement, so we probably won’t know for a while whether his break from the sport will be permanent.

Here is the official score sheet from the GSP vs. Johny Hendricks fight from UFC 167:

GSP Johny Hendricks score sheet


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