This 400-Pound High School Running Back Probably Gives High School Football Players Nightmares (Video)

tony picard 400 pound high school running back

Raise your hands if you’d like to be a high school linebacker given the job of taking down a 6’5″, 400-pound running back.

What? Nobody?

Yeah, I don’t blame you. Fortunately, for most high school linebackers, there’s probably only one such running back in the country. His name is Tony Picard, and he plays for White Swan High School in central Washington. So, you know, only the unlucky bastards out there have to deal with him.

Of course, I imagine those poor kids probably need post traumatic counseling after facing Picard. Did I mention Tony, or “Big Tone” to his friends, is 400 pounds?

Oh right, I did.

In any case, here’s video of Picard in action. If you’re a dad and you’ve got a kid who plays football or a kid you want to play football eventually, be warned: if your wife sees this, it aint gonna happen. This is every football mom’s worst nightmare.

That is one monster running back.

Obviously, Big Tone is not going to be recruited to play running back by any Division I programs. However, I imagine more than a few might be interested in a lineman with that footwork, don’t you think?

Hat Tip – [Elite Daily]

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