Auburn Wins Over Georgia With Amazing Tipped Pass Touchdown (GIFs)

Auburn Beats Georgia

At Saturday’s game between Auburn and Georgia, it was the latter’s game to lose with a 38-37 lead over the Tigers in the tail end of the fourth quarter. But in a play that probably had some fans on both sides rubbing their eyes in disbelief, Auburn scored a touchdown on a 4th-and-18 play with less than a minute to go in the game.

Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall made it happen with a huge pass to receiver Ricardo Louis, who had not one but two Georgia defenders in his midst. Not only that, but the two defenders were in prime position to snag an interception’ however, that didn’t happen, as they ended up tipping the ball right into Louis’ hands, who proceeded to run the ball right into the end zone. for the touchdown

You can see the amazing play from Auburn, who ended up winning the game 43-38, from a couple of different angles in the GIFs below.

Here’s the wide-angle view:

Here’s a much closer view of the catch, which allows you to really see just how close this was to being intercepted:

Here’s the Auburn bench reacting to the play:

Some Auburn fans who look almost as excited as the players:

And here’s the Georgia coaching line. Not one but two faceplants.  That’s impressive:

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