Chiefs Doctor Administers ‘Tickle Test’ to OT Eric Fisher (GIF)

eric fisher doctor tickle

I knew there were a number of tests NFL medical and training staff conducted on the sidelines to determine the severity of injuries. However, I had no idea there was a tickle test.

There is, though. At least in Kansas City. They may not call it a “tickle test,” but that’s what it is.

We saw this test being administered last night, during the final minutes of the Kansas City Chiefs’ first loss of the season at the hands of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Offensive tackle Eric Fisher apparently injured his left arm, or was experiencing some strange sensation therein. As a result, the team doctor checked him out on the sidelines, and that examination involved some gentle caressing and light tickling.

It was pretty sensual. See it for yourself:

I’m not a lip reader or anything, but I’m pretty sure the doctor is saying, “What are you doing after the game?”

Who knew the chiefs were so progressive?

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